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What If eSIMs and eSIM Profiles Aren’t Compatible?

You have already tested your eSIMs and eSIM profiles according to all available standards and still face interop problems? 

Real life is more diverse than any ever so precise spec! What`s more, the human beings involved tend to interpret the specs differently. All this leads to the fact that one eSIM profile that works reliably with one particular eSIM causes problems with the eSIM of another manufacturer. As MNO, you don’t want to risk that the latest device is not compatible with your network and as EUM, you cannot afford to provide an eSIM that is not compatible with different MNO profiles. 


Be assured, there is a way out: Our Test2Match service solves these issues. 



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Test2Match – Make eSIMs & profiles work together!

We solve your interoperability issues

COMPRION’s new Test2Match service allows all eSIM players (MNOs and eSIM manufacturers) to test their eSIMs and eSIM profiles against each other. We have a pool of commercially available eSIMs and profiles that is growing steadily. 




What's in It for You?

  • Your eSIM /eSIM profiles are tested by a neutral 3rd party
  • Save resources & costs!
  • Guaranteed confidentiality due to trusted partner
  • Bug fixing before product roll-out
  • COMPRION can help with the analysis of bugs
  • Interoperability of your eSIMs with eSIM profiles is verified
  • Access to eSIMs/eUICCs from various manufacturers which are normally not accessible to you

Select What You Want to Test

Is my profile designed correctly?
Does my profile work as expected?

Typically, interesting for:

  • MNOs & MVNOs
  • SM-DP(+) providers
  • Service providers creating eSIM profiles



Does my eSIM interpret the profile correctly?
Does the feature on my eSIM work as expected?

Typically, interesting for:

  • eUICC manufacturers
  • OEMs



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