Overview RSP & Embedded SIM Ecosystem

  • What are eSIM and eUICC?
  • What kind of problems can be solved by the eSIM?
    • Background, concepts, advantages
  • Applied RSP technology: eSIM trends and deployments on the market
    • Smartwatches, eCall, and others
  • Concept of operator profiles and profile switching
  • Definitions/vocabulary
  • International standards (GSMA, SIMalliance, ETSI)
  • M2M and consumer devices – two different concepts defined by GSMA
  • High-level architecture of the ecosystem
  • Roles and players (with examples for M2M and consumer devices)
  • Security aspects (keys, certificates, algorithms)
  • Certification
  • Live or remote demo

Individual Training

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Group Training

Next session from 26 May.

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Target audience:

Anyone who has come into contact with RSP technology and does not yet have in-depth knowledge of it.

Learning objectives:

After a short introduction to RSP concepts and technologies, we learn about the technical background behind RSP M2M and consumer devices. The eSIM ecosystem and the key security components are introduced. We'll get a general overview of the market and the market players. 


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