RSP Training - Basics

RSP Training - Basics
This package contains the full RSP Training - Basics bundle. This online training package is the video-on-demand version. Access to our Full HD streaming portal will be available for a period of 28 days after approval of the order. For questions, please contact our sales team at any time.

RSP Training - Basics: VOD contains all 4 parts:

Introduction - Part 1
  • 1. Why eSIM?
  • 2. Applied RSP Technology: eSIM Trends and Deployments on the Market
  • 3. M2M and Consumer Devices –Two Different Solutions Defined by the GSMA
  • 4. Concept of Operator Profiles and Profile Switching
M2M Ecosystem - Part 2
  • 5. High-level Architecture of the M2M Ecosystem
  • 6. Roles and Players in the M2M Ecosystem
  • 7. M2M Security Aspects (Keys, Certificates, Algorithms)
Consumer Devices Ecosystem - Part 3
  • 8. High-level Architecture of the Consumer Devices Ecosystem
  • 9. Roles and Players in the Consumer Devices Ecosystem
  • 10. Consumer Devices Security Aspects (Keys, Certificates, Algorithms)
Standards & Certification Procedure - Part 4
  • 11. International Standards (GSMA, SIMalliance, ETSI)
  • 12. Certification

The individual parts of the RSP Training - Basics bundle can also be ordered separately.

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