Understanding the Mobile World

The intertwining of telecom, banking, and M2M/IoT produces a new degree of complexity. We hope our COMPRION glossary helps you to get a good overview of all the connected terms, technologies, and concepts.


Generic term for COMPRION probes that are capable of running analog simulations and measurements. All electrical signals can be parameterized (current sinks, voltage thresholds, rise and fall times, etc.) and evaluated accordingly. The following APRs are available:


Optional module in COMPRION products that records and displays analog measurement data. It works like an oscilloscope and offers two functionalities:

  1. Analog data recording using special functions of the hardware
  2. Visualization of analog measurement data using Analog Scope view

COMPRION software module that inspects monitoring data and prints out the result to the Info view or test case result.


Application refers to the data, commands, sequences, conditions, mechanisms, algorithms, and program codes on a chip card that are needed to operate it within the framework of a particular system.


Seventh layer in the OSI Model; the user interface. It is responsible for displaying data and images to the user in a human-recognizable format and to interface with the presentation layer below it.


Software-based data container that holds the application data so that it can be exchanged between the terminal and the card.


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