Understanding the Mobile World

The intertwining of telecom, banking, and M2M/IoT produces a new degree of complexity. We hope our COMPRION glossary helps you to get a good overview of all the connected terms, technologies, and concepts.


Error locating and eliminating with the purpose of identifying and correcting as many software errors as possible.


Element of the smart card file system. A DF constitutes headers that hold hierarchical trees of elementary files (EFs) on the smart card, but do not have data of their own. This is most simply visualized as a directory in a file system.


Another word for mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, hand phone, handset, or terminal, and any other kind of mobile equipment like card reader, NFC tag, etc.


Also known as equipment under test (EUT) or unit under test (UUT). A term commonly used to refer to a manufactured product undergoing testing. The term DUT is used within the electronics industry to refer to any electronic assembly under test. For example, cell phones coming off an assembly line may be given a final test in the same way as the individual chips were earlier tested. Each device under test is, briefly, the DUT. In COMPRION products, the term implementation under test (IUT) is often used as a synonym.


The DER file type is primarily associated with 'DER Encoded X509 Certificate'. In cryptography, a public key certificate (or identity certificate) is a certificate that uses a digital signature to bind together a public key with an identity. The certificate can be used to verify that a public key belongs to an individual. DER or Distinguished Encoding Rules is a method for encoding a data object, such as an X.509 certificate, to be digitally signed or to have its signature verified.


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