Understanding the Mobile World

The intertwining of telecom, banking, and M2M/IoT produces a new degree of complexity. We hope our COMPRION glossary helps you to get a good overview of all the connected terms, technologies, and concepts.


Sequential bidirectional data flow.


Another word for mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, hand phone, terminal, and any other kind of mobile device like card reader, NFC tag, etc.


Virtual and exact representation of a smart card using only software. Prior to the HCE architecture, NFC transactions were mainly carried out using the Secure Element (SE). HCE enables the following: merchants to offer payment cards solutions more easily through mobile, closed-loop contactless payment solutions, real-time distribution of payment cards and, more tactically, allows for an easy deployment scenario that does not require to change the software inside the terminal.


Logical interface, allowing a contactless front end (CLF) to communicate directly with an application processor, multiple secure elements, and RF gates in diverse electronic devices such as cell phones, and PC peripherals, allowing fast integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality.


Supports the communication between the contactless front end (CLF) of an NFC-enabled terminal and a contactless application as it can be found on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) inserted into such a device.


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