Understanding the Mobile World

The intertwining of telecom, banking, and M2M/IoT produces a new degree of complexity. We hope our COMPRION glossary helps you to get a good overview of all the connected terms, technologies, and concepts.


There are two standardized data exchange protocols defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3 for the communication between a smart card and a terminal: the byte-oriented half-duplex transmission protocol T=0 and the block-oriented half-duplex protocol T=1. The character-oriented T=0 protocol is very simple constructed and has a low memory capacity (about 300 bytes). The block-oriented T=1 protocol is a half-duplex protocol and works with error detection at the end of block. The memory requirement is about 1.100 bytes. The smart card and the terminal exchange data with the help of these protocols.


Another word for mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, hand phone, handset, and any other kind of mobile device like card reader, NFC tag, etc.


Technical operation that consists of the determination of one or more characteristics of a given product, process, or service according to a specified procedure.


The implementation of test specifications or parts of test specifications on COMPRION test systems.


The individual test that must be successfully performed by the implementation under test (IUT). It is the smallest unit of a test bench, test group, test plan, or test specification.


In COMPRION test systems, the test case number usually corresponds to the chapter number of the test specification. It is used to identify the test case.


Test cases can be grouped together, for example, according to topic to form test groups.


A container for a set of customer-selected tests from a test bench. These tests can be executed as test cases within the test plan.


The comprehensive administration of test cases. This includes structuring in test plans and test groups as well as structured filing of test case results. A reference to an implementation under test (IUT) is required in order to create a test plan. IUT administration is also part of test plan management.


A description of how to test conformity to the product specifications, written at a level of abstraction which makes it suitable for standardization. A test specification describes the test environment. It contains precise test sequences in the form of test procedures including individual test steps and the appertaining conformance requirements as well as instructions how to check if these requirements are met. Often abbreviated ’test spec’.


Air interface used in UMTS telecommunications networks in Asia as an alternative to W-CDMA. It was developed by the China Academy of Telecommunications Technology in collaboration with Datang and Siemens to be accepted by the IT as one of the five IMT-2000 standards.

TD-SCDMA is an option for those operators who want to move from a 2G to a 3G network. Besides data transmission at speeds up to 2 Mbps, it supports circuit-switched data, such as speech and video and packet-switched data from the internet.


Method whereby a Proximity Coupling Device (PCD) establishes logical channels with one or more Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC)s of Type B, which makes use of time-slot allocation for PICC response.


Software module that converts binary-coded commands on application level into a human-readable format.


The mechanisms for sending and receiving data between the terminal and the card.


Element of the smart card file system. A binary file that can store information of varying length in any location. This is a raw, unstructured, random access file. See also Elementary File (EF).


The fourth layer of the OSI Model for network protocols, which is responsible for addressing, service quality, and security.


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