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Unlike others, COMPRION includes the first year of a Service and Maintenance Contract (SMC) for free! Of course, our test solutions are designed for a long life span. Thus, why should you continue with your SMC? Because there are many benefits like:

  • Instant problem solving
  • Regular updates
  • Access to expert´s advice


Customer Pressure?

Ever struggled to prove a measurement or test result while your customer was short of time? Or, you got reproducible results, but you need the exact reason to prove this right? Then, an expert at hand who knows the standards and their interpretation inside out is invaluable.

Certification Project?

Towards the end of a certification project, things can get a bit tighter. Hence, prompt answers are key to success. We find them for you, quickly.

Avoid Downtime?

You absolutely need a new calibration, but cannot afford a downtime? This is no problem at all with a loaner installed before you send your device to us.


All You Need to Decide for a New SMC

If you need more than just 24/7 access to your license SW and the manuals, get a new SMC! Of course, there are good reasons to increase life time of your product with a Service and Maintenance Contract. What is covered in the SMC? And, what are the details?

Find the answers in the brochure!

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Put Your Support Ticket in the Fast Lane

  •  COMPRION product serial number
  •  Description of your issue
  • Log files captured
  • ....

Find the full checklist in the brochure!

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