February 16, 2017

An Insight into the Daily Work of Our Support Team

Testing is a very complex task. It encompasses a variety of standards and technologies, tons of test cases as well as the operation of different test tools. Our support team is here to answer the questions that might arise while you are testing. We handle all requests whether it is a product-related topic, a technical issue, a question regarding one of our systems, test result evaluation, or questions related to standardization.

More than 2,300 Support Requests in 2016



How Our Support Team Works

When you contact us via email ( or the contact form on our support website, a ticket system automatically collects all enquiries and assigns a unique ticket number. You receive an automated email response containing all the relevant data, including ticket number and an abstract of the question. It also asks for product details such as serial number and version, and the system configuration.




Handling of support requests


COMPRION has built up a global network of sales and support specialists as well as distributors speaking the national language that are able to serve you locally. Together with them, we organize a variety of technical workshops that inform you about the latest standardization developments and technical requirements. For dates and locations, please visit our event site.



We also offer trainings that help you to become familiar with the multitude of possibilities offered by our systems and their operation in the day-to-day testing process. Please contact your local sales representative or support(at)

Then, the generated support ticket with the ticket number appears on the dashboard of the ticket system. All support team members worldwide have access to the dashboard. This way, we ensure that you receive a fast, individual, and competent answer.

In the event of very tricky product- or technology-related queries, our support team can rely on a pool of in-house experts. However, during the support case, you as a customer will only communicate with your assigned support contact.


What Makes Us so Special?
  • Supporting you is in our DNA!
  • Every request will be handled with the same passion.
  • If you find our tools or the test specs wanting, we’ll take care of the problem.
  • We are always at your side, and we will show you how to get the most out of our comprehensive feature set.



Andreas Weine, Head of Support Team



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