January 11, 2017

Automated Testing Made Easy

The increasing global competition accelerates the pace of innovation. This results in ever shorter product life cycles. It means that all processes from the very first idea of a product, through development and production to the market entry, must be streamlined. This naturally also effects testing. 


Optimize Time to Market, Efficiency, Quality, and Costs

Testing is vital to ensure a certain product quality and to avoid expensive product recalls that damage the brand name. But testing is also time-consuming and ties up expensive manpower. 
Moreover, certain testing purposes such as EMVCo contactless or NFC Forum analog testing of cards and terminals involve a high number of test scenarios and require accurate (NFC) antenna positioning. Consequently, test automation is essential. 

COMPRION offers a wide range of solutions that automate your testing tasks. Our prime goal is to make sure that all important tests can be done in less time and with less manpower. We help you to get rid of the routine tasks. Thus, your experts can concentrate on analyzing the test results and on troubleshooting, while our systems ensure reliable and repeatable test results that efficiently improve your product quality.

COMPRION has developed a set of solutions that enable you to automate your testing tasks in a very flexible way.


All Benefits in a Nutshell

Our automation solutions

  • Help you to speed up test processes
  • Allow you to run more tests and increase test coverage
  • Are accurate and generate repeatable test results


This means for you

  • Shorter development cycles
  • Higher product quality
  • Higher job motivation for the tester thanks to fewer tedious tasks and more focus on challenging test scenarios


How We Can Help You to Automate Your Testing Environment


COMPRION Test SIM Simulator

In the past, different network access technologies turned network protocol conformance tests into a very time-consuming test task, because the test operators had to exchange test SIMs manually between the tests. With COMPRION Test SIM Simulator, this manual step is omitted. The simulator running on running on COMPRION hardware, simulates SIM cards and can be configured with varying test profiles. This speeds up device testing significantly as it allows 100% automation.

What is automated?
Manually changing the SIM during network protocol conformance tests.




COMPRION SIMLink is our software module for automated device testing using real cards. It enables the tester to write test scripts to remote control the tracing tool and also to re-configure UICCs between test case runs. This has the big advantage that the UICC remains plugged into the same PC/SC reader throughout the complete test session. 

What is automated?
The test card can be remote controlled directly from the test system. No manual intervention is needed.

Terminal Automation Provider (TAP)

Terminal Automation Provider (TAP) is a flexible piece of software that fully automates the man-machine interface. As TAP offers an adaptation layer with a generic interface, it allows you to access and communicate with a variety of different mobile devices. To further minimize the manual involvement, various automation tools, for example, a camera or a button-pressing robot can be connected. Due to its flexibility, TAP covers a wide range of use cases. With TAP, you are able to control the device under test using COMPRION’s test solutions running on UT³ Platform, IT³ Prove!, Prove 2, or COMPRION SIMfony products.

What is automated?
TAP allows you to automate typical operator tasks during device testing, for example:

  • Switching on/off
  • Confirmation of device messages by keystroke
  • Call setup/dialing numbers

More about TAP


COMPRION’s EMVCo Test Solution


Even before it became mandatory, COMPRION had developed an automated test solution for EMVCo analog testing of cards and terminals. The test solution is based on a precisely working robot positioning system. The task of manually placing the test object is eliminated as the robot takes care of the exact positioning. In addition to outstanding accuracy and repeatability, the highly automated system allows you to test very quickly. 

What is automated?
Antenna positioning.

  • Teach in one position: Test at 37 positions (all in all), maximum of max. 26,700 runs 
  • All measurements are automated
    • Calculation of timings and voltage levels
    • Automatically visualized in Analog Scope traces
    • All values in EMVCo report format
  • Reporting within the Device Test Center software
    • Various export formats
    • Automated export of results
    • Summary reports
    • Various export formats like PDF, CSV, XML, and XML TOM format (TOM = Testing, Organization and Management Database, a specific CETECOM format)


NFC Forum Analog Test Solution 

An NFC Forum-compliant device has to support all different NFC technologies. This becomes especially apparent when testing the RF performance at the physical level. The variety of parameters and antenna positions to be tested amounts to about 3,500 individual test executions – far too many to be executed manually while guaranteeing the demanded accuracy of ±0.5 mm. To support our customers, we offer an automated NFC Forum-approved test solution for compliance testing. The heart of this test solution for NFC is a 6-axis robot that allows robust, precise, and flexible positioning of NFC Forum reference antennas (poller and listener) in an unrivaled quality and speed.

What is automated?
Setting test parameters and antenna positions during NFC Forum compliance testing. 

  • Teach in one position: Test at 14 positions (all in all), maximum of 3,500 runs
  • Various export formats like PDF, CSV, XML, and XML TOM format (TOM = Testing, Organization and Management Database, a specific CETECOM format


Remote Control Interfaces for Further Automation

To enhance the control of your automated solutions, COMPRION offers remote control interfaces for many products. These allow taking control of important tasks, like the configuration, the starting or stopping of test cases or monitoring sessions. Beyond, we offer remote control interfaces for our testing software. This is especially useful when  working with Interoperability Test Center or Device Test Center.


APIs to drive automation

Our application programming interfaces (APIs) like the Contact Card Testing  API gives you the flexibility to write your own test scenarios and automate them.


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