August 29, 2016

Cashless Is Contactless – and Mobile! How Open Is Low-Level Testing?

How do most of us pay, when we pay cashless? It is contactless! Contactless implies the idea of smart, smooth, and simple. This is indicated by the slogans “pay as you go, pay with a tap, with a flick of a wrist”. The most important driver with the highest growth rate is payment by smartphone. The current evolution of low-level test standards shows that not everything has been clarified so far. NFC Forum, GSMA, and EMVCo have taken different approaches, but there are signs for harmonization.

A comparison of the standards shows different degrees of openness and reflects on historical use cases now converging. How will this influence the openness of the standards in the near future? Will they become more accessible or even public? What are the pros and cons of really open standards? What is so specific about low-level testing for radio frequency? How do open standards improve interoperability?

Whereas the access to the latest test standards with global reach boosts competition and business, the required technical expertise does not come for free. In order to create a convenient, but truly interoperable and reliable payment transaction, high-quality testing is a necessary precondition. Designers of smartphones and terminals for payment need to combine appealing ergonomics with robust antenna design. Who will be the winner in the mobile payment race: NFC Forum, GSMA, or EMVCo? The presentation will provide food for thought and discussion!

Interested in getting the answers? Join our speech at CASHLESS WORLD 2016, Nov. 7-9, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.



About the Presenter

Swantje Missfeldt works as Product Manager for EMVCo test solutions at COMPRION GmbH who is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test solutions for terminals and smart cards. COMPRION´s standardization activities enable her to compare the work of the three standardization bodies NFC Forum, EMVCo and GSMA. Before joining COMPRION in 2013, she has gained 15 years of experience in the smart card industry.

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