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June 03, 2013

CCF Approves Validation of COMPRION CSIM Tests for Mobile Device Testing

mobcertWith this validation, COMPRION becomes the first provider of CSIM tests for CDMA device-type approval according to "Mobile Equipment (ME) Conformance Testing with CSIM", the CCF CSIM Test Plan.
The CSIM (CDMA2000 Subscriber Identity Module) is an application on the UICC that provides data and security functions to operate mobile equipment on CDMA2000 networks.

It is steadily replacing the R-UIM (Removable User Identity Module), a smart card designed for CDMA2000 operation only (similar to how a SIM card is a pure GSM module). A CSIM can be hosted on the same UICC with other applications like USIM and ISIM, thus enabling Smart Cards to support all major network access technologies worldwide.

To avoid interoperability and performance problems, it is important to test the interface between mobile devices and the UICC/CSIM application.

The CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) is a partnership between wireless operators and wireless device vendors. The forum published the CSIM test plan based on 3GPP2 and the CDMA Development Group’s requirements. The CCF establishes and maintains a core global device certification process that improves quality through consistent interoperability, conformance, and performance testing across the globe.

COMPRION greatly contributed to the CCF CSIM test plan, the latest version of which gained approval in March 2013. COMPRION now offers validated CSIM test-case packages in its COMPRION SIMfony CDMA2000, a combined handset test/solution platform consisting of COMPRION’s card simulator IT³ Platform, and AirAccess C2K, the Spirent network simulator.

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