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December 17, 2013

China Mobile Continues to Trust COMPRION Test Solutions

NFCChina Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile telecom company by number of subscribers, has launched their all new NFC services. The Hong Kong based MNO has decided in favor of two COMPRION test solutions to prepare the qualification of handsets supporting these new NFC services. This is the result of their request for proposal in the summer of 2013.

With the goal in mind to offer the best user experience to their customers, China Mobile has started their own comprehensive testing program before launching NFC services. From now on, all mobile handsets, no matter from which manufacturer, will be checked thoroughly in China Mobile’s own labs. Handsets will only get approved once it is guaranteed that the complete communication chain is implemented properly, from NFC reader, handset and NFC chip to UICC as secure element.
In a tender, COMPRION has recently prevailed with two test solutions: both SIMfony and the UT³ Platform will be utilized in the China Mobile’s test program. Thus, all NFC-enabled mobiles distributed by China Mobile must pass the high quality test solutions from Germany.

SIMfony is a combined handset test solution listed with GCF and PTCRB. Using a network simulator and the smart card simulator, IT³ Platform is able to verify if terminals meet the demands of an LTE network. China Mobile will use the LTE UICC and LTE USIM SIMfony modules in order to enable smooth communication on the UICC interface in their network.

UT³ Platform is COMPRION’s all-in-one terminal test solution. This system is listed at GCF and PTCRB and is also used to verify the interactions on the UICC interface in handsets, however, on ISO 7816, ETSI SWP/HCI and IC-USB protocols. In addition, it is a comprehensive NFC Forum conformance test system. Starting at analogue level, the different NFC technologies are tested at protocol and application levels.

The UT³ Platform has been playing an important part already during the preparation phase of the NFC Services at China Mobile. Now, this is underlined by the acquisition of further systems. “We are very happy and proud of the close cooperation with China Mobile. It is an honor to be able to participate as one of the hand-picked partners at the China Mobile Global Partners Conference in Guangzhou this week“, says Michael Wehmeier, Managing Director at COMPRION. 

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