April 02, 2015

COMPRION Adds CETECOM Test Report Format

Testing cell phones and the GCF/PTRCB certification become increasingly complex and confusing due to new technologies and services such as mobile payment. What makes it worse: There are a variety of test platforms for the different GCF/PTCRB work items. Therefore, many handset vendors and test houses use the CETECOM solution ‘TOM’ to manage the growing number of tests and tools at various sites. Customers using COMPRION terminal test tools now have the opportunity to automate processing of their results in the convenient TOM format.

CETECOM’s TOM (Testing, Organization and Management Database) ensures that all tests to be executed are based on the latest standards. Moreover, the system provides an accurate overview of the current project status of all labs connected. The test results are automatically transferred to the TOM database to collect all necessary test reports and to provide them for subsequent certification. The test operator minimizes the postprocessing time of test results and avoids errors through the transfer and reformatting of data. This saves costs and assures quality.

Many phone vendors and test houses trust the validated GCF/PTCRB test platforms from COMPRION. These companies can now easily export their test results in the TOM format. Until now, it was only possible to work with other formats such as CXP, PDF or the generic XML format.

Swantje Missfeldt, Product Manager at COMPRION states, “As CETECOM and COMPRION have many customers in common; we have intensified our cooperation to make processing of test results more convenient for them.”

Dr. Peter Nevermann, Director Performance Services, Products & Solutions at CETECOM adds, “Nowadays, test automation is key for many customers. Providing a comprehensive test result reports that meets all requirements is a core step which needs to be automated as well. We appreciate that COMPRION now supports our TOM format thus speeding up product certification for our joint customer base.” 

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