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July 06, 2020

COMPRION introduces nuSIM Test Specification and corresponding test tools

The nuSIM certification program is ready to start as COMPRION supports Deutsche Telekom's nuSIM initiative with a dedicated specification and tools for testing and certification.

The leading test solution expert COMPRION announces finalization of the first version of the nuSIM test specification NTS10 with a focus on functional testing of nuSIM implementations.

"We are happy to support the nuSIM initiative with a test specification developed by COMPRION. After collecting feedback from all over the industry, we are finally introducing NTS10 v1.0," says Andras Talas, responsible for the nuSIM test specification at COMPRION. "The aim is to test all functions defined on the provisioning interface, the interoperability regarding specific profile structures and contents, as well as the correct interpretation of the profile elements. This is especially interesting for nuSIM OS vendors, chip manufacturers and IoT device OEMs.";.

nuSIM is a strictly optimized integrated SIM. It moves the SIM functionality from the physical SIM directly into the modem chip and is specifically designed for low-cost devices used in mobile IoT applications. Chipsets and modules with nuSIM are scheduled to be commercially available later in 2020.

To bring the new technology to market, Deutsche Telekom has invited industry-leading partners to jointly form a versatile ecosystem.

"Reliable quality and proven interoperability are critical factors in a multi-player ecosystem like nuSIM," says Stefan Kaliner, Head of UICC Development at Deutsche Telekom. "A test specification needs to be trusted, and through COMPRION's many years of experience and wide recognition across our industry, they are the best partner for this important element".   

"We at COMPRION see this initiative as long-term partnership. COMPRION's role includes writing test specifications, creating test methods, and developing test tools and test cases that will be used to test single components of the nuSIM for compliance and end-to-end interoperability. This will form the foundation of a qualification and functional certification program."
says Andreas Bertling, Director Technology & Business Development at COMPRION.

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