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November 23, 2020

COMPRION Solution Approved for NFC Forum Certification Release 12

The NFC Forum, the standardization body for Near Field Communication (NFC), has recently introduced Certification Release 12 (CR12). This CR addresses new requirements of contactless applications in the fields of authentication, identification, access control, ticketing, and payment. For CR12, NFC Forum has put in a great deal of effort to harmonize testing requirements and maximize interoperability between various certification programs such as EMVCo, ISO/IEC, GSMA, and GCF/PTCRB.

This harmonization process required an update of the analog and digital standards. The changes for the card emulation ("Listen") side were implemented in CR10 and CR11 respectively. Long-anticipated CR12 now completes the alignment process on the reader/writer ("Poll") side.

With CR12, the quantity of test cases has been increased, including new test cases for NFC-V, Active Communication Mode, T4T MV3.0, and various others. It also improves the quality of several test cases, resulting in an increase of the acceptance criteria. On the hardware side, three new reference antennas (Reference Listener 1, 3 and 6) for the listener mode and an 8-shaped coil antenna for detecting lowest field strengths have been added. Thereby, interoperability across devices and applications is improved.

COMPRION's NFC test solution, which is based on UT³ Platform running with the in-house Device Test Center software, was successfully validated to cover these new requirements and to execute all updated and newly added test cases.


About NFC Forum

The NFC Forum is a nonprofit industry association whose members come from all areas of the NFC ecosystem. Working within the framework of the NFC Forum, member organizations share development, application, and marketing expertise to develop the best-possible solutions for advancing the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.


COMPRION is dedicated to providing test solutions for a connected world, covering both contact and contactless technologies. COMPRION systems are renowned for precise measurement capabilities, serving all top handset, card and chipset manufacturers, mobile network operators, and test houses.

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