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December 11, 2013

COMPRION Takes Over Lead of GSMA Handset Test Book Activities

NFC is on everyone’s lips. Terminal and card vendors, net-work operators, financial institutions, and many others have been discussing the benefits and limits of contactless communication for quite some time. The number of people who have to contribute something to the topic of NFC seems to be growing almost every day. Experience has shown that new lucrative technologies attract many new players. Consequently, rules are indispensable.

Since 2012, GSMA (‘Groupe Spéciale Mobile‘ Association) has been discussing standards for NFC use cases in order to find common ground for the different stakeholders and to document this in the GSMA Handset Test Book. In September, all relevant efforts have been passed on to the Terminal Steering Group (TSG), one of eight GSMA working groups.
After COMPRION has joined the TSG this summer, the high quality test solution provider from Germany has taken over the lead concerning the topic of GSMA Handset Test Book. Currently, the TSG is putting a lot emphasis on version 2.0 which is expected in January 2014. This version shall form the basis for the integration into the GCF (Global Certification Forum) and will be part of both the conformance and interoperability testing schemes.

GSMA, founded as global interest organization of mobile network operators in 1987, today includes members from the whole mobile ecosystem, e.g. device and infrastructure vendors, software developing companies, and companies from other industries having related interest and business. Since the be-ginning of 2013, COMPRION has been active in the Security, SIM Steering, and Terminal Steering Groups on UICC and terminal topics with the aim of contributing to the consistent roll-out of new NFC features.

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