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October 06, 2020

COMPRION Worldwide First to Offer PTCRB-Validated 5G NR USIM Tests

PTCRB accepted the initial validation of COMPRION's 5G NR USIM tests for RTF 508. This makes COMPRION's Test Platforms TP226 and TP227 the first platforms with validated 5G NR USIM tests for PTCRB RFT 508 and GCF WI-508-NR.

COMPRION, the long-trusted provider of GCF/PTCRB-validated USIM/USAT mobile phone conformance testing, is pleased to provide the worldwide first PTRCB-validated test cases for PTCRB RFT 508 “USIM Interworking with 5G” after recent approval by PTCRB.

The COMPRION solutions are listed at the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB. They have been developed in close cooperation with renowned partners Anritsu (for TP226) and Rohde & Schwarz (for TP227). TP226 consists of the UT³ Platform card simulator and the Anritsu MT8000A network simulator, whereas TP227 consists of UT³ Platform and the R&S CMX500/CMW500 setup.

3GPP’s USIM/USAT test specifications define an explicit verification of the behavior of the Device Under Test (DUT) on the card interface. The UT³ Platform card simulator, on which  COMPRION's Device Test Center software is executed, is the reliable solution for verifying and documenting that the DUT has met these acceptance criteria exactly.  

Device Test Center also controls the execution of the related COMPRION tests on the network simulators, which perform the defined actions and verifications on the air interface. Together with COMPRION's Terminal Automation, this solution offers fully automated 5G USIM/USAT conformance testing.

With the latest version, COMPRION has already added additional 5G USIM test cases compliant to 3GPP TS 31.121 v16.1.0, further extending the established leadership position of COMPRION.  These new test cases have been submitted for initial validation at GCF CAG#64 (October 13-15, 2020). Their approval will activate GCF WI-508-NR.

PTCRB is a certification program established in 1997 by leading wireless operators in order to define test specifications and processes to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks.

COMPRION is dedicated to providing test solutions for a connected world, covering both contact and contactless technologies. COMPRION systems are renowned for precise measurement capabilities, serving all top handset, card, and chipset manufacturers, mobile network operators, and test houses.

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