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April 03, 2014

COMPRION’s UT³ Platform is Now an NFC Forum Approved Test Tool

COMPRION’s UT³ Platform has recently been approved by the NFC Forum for Digital Protocol Functional Testing and is now listed on their website in the Approved Test Tool section. After a rigorous validation procedure the  solution can be used by manufacturers for NFC Forum conformance testing as well as by authorized laboratories for certification testing of NFC Forum devices.

The importance of NFC functionality is constantly increasing. As more and more NFC enabled devices are brought onto the market, a common foundation is needed to ensure a smoother user experience. Thus testing is inevitable. The NFC Forum certification program enables manufacturers to establish that their products conform to NFC Forum specifications. Certification is granted through a top-notch testing process for implementations that meet NFC Forum Device   Requirements. In addition, the NFC Forum Certification Mark indicates that a product has been tested and certified. Certified products are listed on the NFC Forum website as Approved Products.  As a result, it provides a level of assurance of interoperable behavior and is the best choice in the domain of NFC enabled services.

COMPRION’ test solution for NFC Forum devices consists of the UT³ Platform hardware, the Device Test Center software as a user friendly application to  manage test plans, and several Test Benches covering the various NFC Forum requirements and test cases. The tool speeds up development through help of an intuitive user interface, powerful simulation, and monitoring capabilities. It allows debugging during product development, reducing development time significantly. More importantly, it simplifies certification work as it dynamically activates NFC functionality depending on the test bench installed guiding through all necessary testing steps.  Furthermore, test results are comfortably presented in an “NFC Forum Summary Test Report” as PDF. In order to securely submit it for certification it includes a digital signature which can be conveniently verified by using the free Acrobat Reader® Certificate Document Service (CDS) feature.

In addition to the digital test benches, UT³ Platform also supports analog testing of NFC devices. However, the validation project for the analog part of the COMPRION tool is still ongoing, while the NFC Forum is preparing for the rollout of additional testing capability. This will introduce testing of Analog characteristics as well as digital testing of LLCP and SNEP protocols into the Forum’s certification program.

“We are quite proud that the hard work we have put into our comprehensive and automated NFC Forum test solution is recognized through approval by the NFC Forum” Hajo Sandschneider, Director Marketing with COMPRION states.

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