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February 15, 2017

Contactless Payment: Trusting Is Good. EMVCo Testing Is Better!

While many people love the idea of revealing very personal information in social media like Facebook, some become very reluctant and cautious when asked to pay their groceries with a contactless bank card or smartphone. Payment is a very tricky aspect in everyday life, because it is existential.

Testing Builds Confidence

Reliable and stable communication over the contactless interface is the core of any smooth customer experience. How to hold your contactless bank card or smartphone against the POS terminal? In the best case, this doesn’t matter, because both communication partners are well tested, and RF reception is good. COMPRION offers the test tools for product approvals of all devices involved.

Rise in mobile payments – increased demand in testing

The rise in the number of smartphones leads to a rise in mobile payments. COMPRION observes that test laboratories prepare globally for future increase in testing demands for both the payment side (smartphones) as well as for the acceptance side (payment terminals).



EMVCo Product Approval for Contactless Payment Devices


Highlights of the EMVCo Test Solution Made by COMPRION

1. Qualified robot positioning system: accurate and proven by measurement uncertainty study
  • High level of confidence of the vendor product due to the high level of accuracy

  • Saves time and resources for accreditation, no robotics expertise required
2. Monitoring data captured directly and independently
  • No need for "spy" antenna
  • Less disturbance/deviation
  • No need for manual action
  • Higher repeatability
  • Improved quality for inter-lab comparison
3. Only system with "Live Logs"- results during test case execution
  • See issues immediately
  • Saves time, targeted analysis
4. Fastest test case execution (based on NFC Forum comparison)
  • Run more tests in same time

  • Fewer test operator hours per product approval 
  • Earlier breakeven of invest
5. Automatically generated Analog Scope traces & EMVCo measurements
  • Simplified analysis of the physical parameters
  • Immediate traces for visual proof of measurements
  • Faster analysis & debugging 
  • Reduced time to market 
  • Concentrate on vendor support

Swantje Missfeldt, Product Manager EMVCo Solutions

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