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October 05, 2021

EMVCo PCD Digital 3.1a validation confirms COMPRION as world’s only supplier of all terminal tests for EMVCo Level 1


With the recent validation of the EMVCo 3.1a PCD digital tests, UT³ Platform continues to be the only tool worldwide for all terminal conformance tests at EMVCo Level 1. So, customers benefit from running contactless (analog and digital) and contact-based (electrical and protocol) tests for terminal approval on a single hardware. This combination is only available from COMPRION.
„With this latest qualification, which is the EMVCo term for validation of a test tool, COMPRION continues to cover all tests for terminal approval at EMVCo Level 1. And, as the only supplier in the world with complete coverage we commit to EMVCo testing and continue to update our test solutions. Besides contactless, the contact tests are being updated as well. 2021 and 2022 come with several activation dates for new versions. Now chipset manufacturers who are already meeting the demands of EMVCo 3.1 such as Panthronics AG, and EMVCo labs like Elitt, can benefit even more.

Many EMVCo labs already use UT³ Platform because it is the only system for electrical terminal tests worldwide, thus, a simple software update makes the new version available.” explains Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager Contactless Test Solutions at COMPRION.

Adding the COMPRION C&T-Type Antenna to UT³ Platform for conformance or using it with CL Verify for pre-certification testing completes the setup.
Currently contactless payments are evolving a lot, which can be seen by the COTS initiative from EMVCo. Accelerated by the pandemic, the ecosystem is growing, thus interoperability gets more important. Level 1 testing is key to warrant it.


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