November 10, 2021

EMVCo re-validated COMPRION´s Electrical Test Solution as worldwide only tool for approving payment terminals with card slots

With this update EMVCo laboratories like CTC advanced GmbH can help terminal vendors to better prepare for the latest version 4.3d of "EMVCo IFM Mechanical and Electrical Test Cases”. It will become mandatory on 1st January 2022. For that a simple software update of the existing UT³ Platform is sufficient. "With the new EMVCo version,we serve our customers with faster approvals for new features" emphasizes Andreas Ehre, Managing Director, CTC advanced. And terminal vendors benefit by shortening time to market being confident to pass type approval. Retailers rely on a performing and safe fallback variant next to the popular NFC payment.

“Provided that a valid SMC is in place, all COMPRION customers get the update automatically.” points out Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager at COMPRION. “This update hugely expands the scope of testing. As now, test cases cover the smart card protocols T=0 and T=1, they improve interoperability even more. Most important, tests include switching to higher communication speed, if payments cards offer it. Thus, retailers save time for contact payment at the point of sales. Here consumers and staff will be happier with a smoother user experience. Contact based authorization of payments is still an important fallback variant to contactless.

Besides the recent PCD Digital 3.1a validation at the beginning of October, EMVCo IFM Protocol tests suite will be the next update. For the test specification 4.3d EMVCo is applying the latest modifications to the test June 2021 version. All these updates underline the importance of COMPRION´s test tool for EMVCo Level 1 terminal approval: That means, all accredited labs worldwide use UT³ Platform for Electrical tests. Any payment terminal with a card slot is certified with UT³ Platform.” Andreas Schreckenberg points out.

About CTC advanced

The major features of CTC advanced are testing and certification of electronic devices with most advanced telecommunication interfaces. CTC advanced GmbH is versed in worldwide approval procedures and applies them professionally for a quick and independent homologation of their customers’ devices – no matter what industry they belong to. CTC advanced’s labs for “payment & identification” test and certify devices for cashless payment transactions, like credit cards and card readers, as well as ATMs on the basis of versatile accreditations in the banking sector. Here CTC advanced support tool suppliers to faster gain validation for their solutions.



COMPRION provides test solutions for a connected world, covering both contact and contactless technologies. Renowned for their precise measurement capabilities, COMPRION test systems are serving all top mobile device, card, and chipset manufacturers, mobile network operators, terminal manufacturers, and test houses. Based on its many years of expertise and experience in contact and contactless technologies, COMPRION has been a trusted services provider from the very first beginning of EMV® testing.

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