September 01, 2015

Ever Thought of Automated Test Reports?

Automation becomes more and more important, especially as testing cell phones and GCF/PTRCB certification are becoming increasingly complex due to new technologies and services like mobile payment and the variety of test platforms needed for the different GCF/PTCRB work items.

The German test laboratory CETECOM has approached us to add their ‘TOM’ test report format (TOM = Testing, Organization and Management Database, see info box) to COMPRION’s Device Test Center software. As a result, it is now possible to automate processing of test verdicts in the ‘TOM’ format which is available in the automated result report dialog. This specific XML schema makes processing of test results for validation or approval simple and fast. Furthermore, using an automated system avoids errors caused by manual copying and pasting files or inconsistencies due to incomplete update routines.



The CETECOM Test System Integration software is the interface between CETECOM’s TOM Enterprise Web Application and the corresponding conformance test solutions of the major test system vendors.

This software translates the test results of a test system to the commonly known test cases and requirements as defined by GCF and PTCRB. Furthermore, this software accompanies the complete test session or test requests for a TOM project, starting with the relevant test cases including correct test case parameters and PICS/PIXIT values on to the test verdicts and test result files from the connected conformance test solutions. After execution of a test case, the Test System Integration software will determine the final test verdict, and, if available, capture all log files. The communication between the Test System Integration host and the target test system uses secure protocols for file exchange.

Author: Wilfried Klassmann, CEO CETECOM

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