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July 24, 2014

GCF Activates Work Items Related to the NFC Handset Test Book

Around the world, mobile network operators are launching NFC services. As the number of services and the range of handsets increases, global interoperability is a “must have”. COMPRION supplies new test cases and solutions which support the device certification tests newly included in GCF Work Items (WI) 176 and 190.
Co-operation between mobile network operators, device vendors and the test industry has resulted in standards for NFC use cases in order to find common ground for the different stakeholders. These test cases have been documented in the NFC Handset Test Book. This covers technologies such as the Open Mo-bile API (OMAPI), Secure Element Access Control (SEAC), Remote Management of NFC Services, Enhancement to SWP/HCI testing, and Near Field Communication (NFC) itself.

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has now extended the range of validated test case coverage available to the industry by adopting selected parts of the NFC Handset Test Book, and including them in new GCF WI176 and WI190, significantly enabling the process of global interoperability between NFC services and handsets by ensuring rigorous testing.

Initial validations for the test cases in the new conformance work items WI-176 and WI-190 were accepted during the meeting of the GCF Conformance and Interoperability Agreement Group (CAG) this week, and both work items are now activated. While this is an important milestone, the work on the NFC Handset Test Book and the test case implementation continues and further validation reports are expected for GCF CAG meetings in the future.

The definition of the NFC Handset Test Book and its contents were a highly collaborative effort, with many interested parties taking part: COMPRION’s contribution was in drafting the test cases at various standardization bodies. Claus Andre Madsen, a member of COMPRION’s Technology and Standardization Consulting Team, and Chair of the working group for the latest version of the Hand-set Test Book acted as moderator for much of the work. As long-time contributors to the GCF, COMPRION delegates were also active in setting up the work items within the CAG.

The result of this collaborative process is the offering to the mobile community of robust and validated test cases, which can be executed on COMPRION’s best-in-class test solutions, the UT³ Platform and SIMfony, and also on the COMPRION pre-conformance platforms SIMfony, Prove 2 and CLT One, to ensure the successful interoperability of NFC services.

Daniel Thomas, COMPRION Sales Director commented “We are pleased to be able to offer such comprehensive coverage of the activated GCF Work Items to the mobile industry, operators and test houses on our best in class test equipment. Many companies who now have to address these two new work items or offer testing services have COMPRION testing equipment infrastructure already, and can extend their testing reach into the many areas covered by the work items, without difficulty.”

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