June 17, 2019

How to Accelerate Validation of Alien eUICC Profiles


The Challenge

Alien eUICC profiles are “invading” your test space constantly. They are sent to you from different partners (MNOs) and consequently have very different characteristics. Each new unknown profile is like a surprise package, and it is quite a challenge to validate the profile’s correctness and completeness considering the included profile elements. Trouble might be brewing under the surface.

The COMPRION Solution

In this difficult situation, the Profile Creator feature of our eUICC Profile Manager stands by your side. It generates Profile Validation Reports, which unseal any hidden secret of any profile at the push of a button. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of all included profile elements and list any obstacle that might impede your future work on the profile. To learn more, let’s push the button …

Step 1

A new profile has arrived from an MNO, and we open it in the Profile Creator:


Instantly, any issues regarding the profile elements are displayed in the ‘Profile Elements’ column. The warning (orange) and error (red) triangles indicate every profile element that does not meet the validation rules. But as we do not want to scroll through all affected elements one after another, we move on to the next step.

Step 2

Now we hit the “magic” button and trigger the report creation:


After clicking the button, we choose either PDF or HTML report …


… and the report is created in no time at all.

Step 3

We open the new Profile Validation Report:


The first table lists all profile elements included in the profile. You see if there is anything wrong with an element indicated by a symbol in the last column. The ‘Violations’ table lists all rule violations of all profile elements. And finally, the code of all profile elements with a rule violation is displayed together with the affected code (highlighted). Hence, the report is our perfect starting point for correcting the profile and the ideal base for discussion we can share with our partners (EUMs / MNOs).

The Conclusion

No need to fear alien profiles with hidden obstacles! Just load the profiles into the Profile Creator, push the button, and have a close look. Based on the new information, you can immediately start tuning the profiles.

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