October 15, 2017

How to Test Profile Management on Your Unsoldered M2M eUICC


The Challenge

Imagine getting a new eUICC from the manufacturer and wanting to solder it into a device, for example, a connectivity module. Wouldn’t it be good to know if the eUICC is fit for profile operations – before soldering it irreversibly into the module? Sounds complicated, but don’t worry: It could be as easy as this…


The COMPRION Solution

Test the profile management of your unsoldered eUICC with only a standard PC/SC card reader and COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager running on your PC. No further hardware is required.


Step 1

Use this setup to scan the eUICC with the eUICC Profile Manager’s ‘Loader M2M’ function:

The scan result is displayed in the above screenshot. It shows that one profile is already saved on this eUICC. That’s because on every M2M eUICC, there must be at least one mandatory profile during the entire life cycle. This is a genuine profile coming from the manufacturer.

1st finding: Scan works!

Step 2

Now, test the download feature that is used for adding another profile to the eUICC. This profile must be available as a profile file. Let’s download a second profile:

As you can see, the new profile is displayed in eUICC Profile Manager and has been downloaded successfully to the eUICC. All communication between back-end entities and eUICC during the download is logged in the ‘Sequence Diagram’ view for convenient tracking of the single steps.

2nd finding: Profile download works!

Step 3

With two profiles available on the eUICC, you can test the remaining profile operations such as enable, disable, delete, and, as an additional option for M2M, set fallback. The enabled profile on an eUICC is highlighted by a darker blue icon, see the original (upper) profile in the figure in Step 2. In the following example, we enable the downloaded (lower) profile:

The profile is now ‘enabled’. This is indicated by the darker blue icon and can be tracked in the ‘Sequence Diagram’ view.

3rd finding: Enable works!


The Conclusion

Mission accomplished! Using only a few steps, we have been able to test the unsoldered eUICC for its profile management functions.

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