September 01, 2015

Make Sure You Are Up-to-Date for the EMVCo November 2015 Release!

From November 2015 on, EMVCo will implement a revised version of the test specification for EMV 
Level 1 contact terminals. COMPRION has developed the EMVCo Electrical Terminal Test Solution running on our conformance test system UT³ Platform in order to make sure that all new payment terminals fulfill the new requirements. As this is the only qualified test tool of its kind, all test labs offering Terminal Type Approval for Contact Level 1 Electrical tests need the new solution and the corresponding accreditation from EMVCo.

The New EMVCo Requirements

The new EMVCo release is a result of introducing a second supply voltage level for EMV credit cards: 3 V in addition to the existing 5 V. The shift is supposed to be completed by the end of 2015. It is driven by the increasing use of mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solutions as the 3 V mode saves battery power. The latest EMVCo specification contains revised 5 V test cases and completely new 3 V test cases. This shall ensure that the communication between terminal and card works correctly and that both players do not interfere or damage each other during transactions.

The New Solution - Automated, Faster, Encompassing

The new EMVCo Electrical Terminal Test Solution on UT³ Platform replaces COMPRION's previous solution IT³ EMV for 5 V tests. The new system is significantly faster and test cases run automatically. This speeds up testing by approximately 50 percent. Now, it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes to execute the 104 test scenarios. The UT³ Platform can also be used for other conformance tests such as NFC Forum and GCF/PTCRB. Thus, many test laboratories already have the UT³ Platform in use and only need to add the EMVCo solution package.

How Do I Get the New Solution?

If you want to get more information on the product (prices and ordering), please contact sales(at)comprion.com or visit the EMVCo Electrical Terminal Test Solution site.

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