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August 25, 2016

Paying Means Trusting. Paying Contactless Even More So.

While many people love the idea to reveal very personal information in social media like Facebook, some become very reluctant and cautious when asked to pay their groceries with a contactless bankcard or smartphone. Payment is a very tricky aspect in everyday life, because it is existential.

Creating Trust

Therefore, a consumer´s first “tap to pay” experience has to be very positive in order to create trust in mobile payment. If people continue using it, they really put trust into their merchant or their shop. Obviously, this is all about CX (customer experience) and UX (user experience) as well as UIs (user interfaces). These highly important factors need to be taken into account by each mobile payment offer. However, all the focus on fantastic experience, compelling user journeys, pleasant checkout procedures, and excellent usability around a contactless payment becomes useless, if the physical interface simply does not work.

Testing Builds Confidence

A reliable and stable communication over the contactless interface is the core of any smooth experience. When you pay with a contactless bankcard or smartphone, you find many ways to hold them against the accepting device. The only cure being well-tested communication partners: Firstly, well-tested bankcards or NFC-enabled cell phones and secondly, well-tested terminals producing a reliable electric field for accepting contactless transactions. COMPRION offers the test tools for product approvals of all these devices.


EMVCo Product Approval for Contactless Payment Devices

Updated qualification status as of December 06, 2016


Let the Robot Do the Testing – While You Focus on Your Customer Queries!

May we introduce you to your new colleague? The robot will do the testing for you! COMPRION has created a diligent companion, the industrial 6-axis robot in a safety cell. It stores all necessary equipment in its big belly, which is the lower part of the safety cell. Moreover, it has all ergonomic  peripherals needed for convenient and productive test sessions. The robot positions the Device under Test (DUT) or the test antenna accurately into all positions required – reflecting the many ways bankcards or mobile devices can be moved towards a payment terminal.

The times of tedious manual positioning are over. By the end of 2016, EMVCo demands that all qualified analog test tools need to provide automated positioning using a robot. It was not fun to test 25 positions manually, imagine this: set up the stand, use plastic spacers to fix the DUT, move to the first position, then check, correct, run the test, record, check result, and repeat. This sounds like monkey work. The COMPRION test solution does it automatically including the generation of Analog Scope traces with correct triggers and exact measurements visualized by built-in cursors.


How Do You Make a Robot Move to 25 Exact Positions – a Thousand Times a Day?

COMPRION has pre-programmed all EMVCo positions so that only one position needs to be captured during teach-in of a DUT. The solution is easy to operate and does not need robotics expertise or deep knowledge of radio frequency as it offers a lot of user guidance:

  • Step-by-step dialogs
  • Tiny videos that show the next move
  • Camera assistance that facilitates exact viewing of the reference marks.

Thus, the preparation of an approval session is finished quickly.


How Do you Know That the Robot is Correct?

Until end of 2016, all EMVCo accredited laboratories need to work with qualified test tools. For analog test tools (testing the compliance of the physical interface), EMVCo requires a so-called measurement uncertainty study according to GUM.



GUM stands for Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement. The study considers all aspects of the solution that influence the positioning accuracy. Usually, two concepts are applied, which are theoretical approaches as well as concrete statistics of measurements performed with the solution itself. COMPRION uses a highly precise measurement arm to perform the measurements, which are the raw data of the necessary statistics. After factoring in all aspects of positioning, the overall accuracy of the system is determined.

Further information can be found on


For positioning, EMVCo allows a tolerance of up to 1 mm (which means that the actual position can deviate by a maximum of +/– 1 mm). For the COMPRION PICC Analog Test Solution, this value is 0.45 mm: way below the maximum allowed tolerance. This means, the positioning is highly accurate – and proven! COMPRION has chosen a well-proven and robust industry robot with a repeatability of 50 µm that has been re-confirmed by the measurement uncertainty study.


How Does Positioning Influence Your Test Results? Why Do You Need to Position Exactly?

For conformance testing, you need to make sure that your verdicts do not pass or fail by chance. You need stable, comparable, and coherent results. Regarding the signal properties of the contactless interface for EMVCo, positioning accuracy significantly influences test results, as you measure small levels of voltages in an electromagnetic field.

Documentation – Minimize the Boring Part of Testing

Dealing with myriads of test results does not mean a lot of paper work since all COMRPION test solutions make documentation simple, correct, and fast due to automation taken further. The platform software Device Test Center offers a convenient range of reports from a single test case report as a signed PDF to the export of a whole session, which may later be analyzed. Most laboratories will use the XML format of the EMVCo report template, which can be automatically exported to any drive and folder chosen before running a test session.


Highlights of the EMVCo Test Solution Made by COMPRION


  • Qualified positioning system:
    accurate and proven by measurement uncertainty study
  • High level of confidence of the vendor product due to the high level of accuracy
  • Saves time and resources for accreditation, no robotics expertise required
  • Monitoring data captured directly and independently
  • No need for “spy” antenna
  • Less disturbance/deviation
  • No need for manual action
  • Higher repeatability
  • Improved quality for inter-lab comparison
  • Only system with “Live Logs” – results during test case execution
  • See issues immediately
  • Saves time, targeted analysis
  • Fastest test case execution (based on NFC Forum comparison)
  • Run more tests in same time
  • Fewer test operator hours per product approval
  • Earlier breakeven of invest
  • Automatically generated Analog Scope traces & EMVCo measurements
  • Simplified analysis of the physical parameters
  • Immediate traces for visual proof of measurements
  • Faster analysis & debugging
  • Reduced time to market
  • Expert can concentrate on vendor support



Rise in Mobile Payments – Increased Demand in Testing


The rise in the number of smartphones leads to a rise in mobile payments. COMPRION observes that test laboratories prepare globally for future increase in testing demands for both the payment side (smartphones) as well as for the acceptance side (payment terminals). 

Do You Like Your Workplace? Is it Ergonomic and Safe?

Whereas it is obvious that one has to consider safety instructions for using an industry robot; health might not be in the focus or might have a rather low priority for choosing a test tool.
We at COMPRION think that testing should not be a physical challenge, but a convenient and productive experience. We do not only make our test solutions fast but also ergonomic.



Addressing Individual Preferences and Test Steps

  1. Tiltable flat screen on a foldable arm
  2. Keyboard on a keyboard holder which can be lifted up and down and turned to find your perfect position
  3. Holder with plastic support plate for combined testing with other test benches



  • Productive, highly efficient work
  • Improving focus and shortening processing time
  • Increasing testing capacity
  • Shortening pay-off times
  • Healthy and attractive work place
  • Enabling long testing sessions without getting tired



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