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February 09, 2022

Supporting ETSI standardization work: COMPRION involved in creating a new SSP test tool interface specification

COMPRION is supporting the work of the new ETSI TTF T018 testing task force, with the aim to create a specification for a common SSP test tool interface.

SSP (Smart Secure Platform) is a new modular secure element standardized by ETSI to provide platform-independent security services and to store data securely. SSP is decoupled from the form factor. Even though SSP is defined to be flexible to use multiple physical interfaces and transport protocols, SSPs integrated into the terminal’s SoC (system on chip) architecture might not be accessible for testing due to security reasons.

When the ETSI TTF T001 created test specifications for the general characteristics of SSP in 2021, it soon became explicit that a standardized test tool interface must be specified. The main purpose of the test tool interface specification is to provide common methods for establishing and verifying communication and data exchange between any test tool and any device incorporating an SSP.

TTFs (Testing Task Forces) are teams that have been established to support the ETSI Technical Organization and ISGs (Industry Specification Groups) to speed up the creation of testing and methodology standards. The TTF T018 has started in January 2022 and is expected to be finished by the end of this year. To reach this goal, COMPRION and Mellonne, a well-known partner from TTF T001, evenly share the work in the TTF.

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