January 11, 2017

Terminal Automation Provider (TAP) – COMPRION’s Solution for Fully Automated Terminal Tests

Terminal Automation Provider (TAP) is a flexible piece of software that fully automates the man-machine interface. TAP can be installed either on the test platform itself or on any host PC dedicated to run the control software of the device under test.  


What can be automated? 
During device testing, typical operator tasks can be automated, for example:  

  • Switching on/off
  • Confirmation of device messages by keystroke
  • Call setup/dialing numbers


Terminal Automation Provider (TAP) – How It Works 

TAP enables you to control the device under test using COMPRION’s Test Platform (UT³ Platform, and COMPRION SIMfony). After installing the test platform software, you have to map the generic commands to the special commands for the mobile device. Thanks to TAP, you need to adapt your equipment only once for all tests. If necessary, you can assign certain automation tools, like a button-pressing robot, a camera, an actor that switches the device on and off, or an agent that posts AT commands.

With TAP our COMPRION test platforms communicate using Terminal Automation Equipment Drivers (TAED), for example: 

  • Press ON/OFF button (robot)
  • Use AT commands
  • Use Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Use proprietary device software/hardware

As COMPRION has chosen a very flexible approach for its terminal automation solution, it can be used in various test environments. TAP is – besides other areas of application – the perfect complement for COMPRION SIMfony, our popular conformance test platform for the UICC interface of mobile devices.

With TAP, the test operator can easily run COMPRION SIMfony tests whether combined or stand-alone in full automation mode over and over again. This is especially useful for regression testing. An additional benefit of this concept is that the complete test case maintenance is handled by COMPRION’s terminal automation solution.




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