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October 01, 2014

Test Tips for M2M Modems

In terminals and modems that contain pluggable UICCs, the interface between card and terminal is by design easily accessible. Thus, test tools can be directly physically connected to the terminal and both UICC and terminal can be tested with regards to electricity and protocol according to the relevant ETSI and 3GPP standards.

But how do you test modems that are being often used in M2M (machine-to-machine) applications and in which the UICC is an integral part of its environment and the interface cannot be accessed?

For testing modems with soldered UICCs, of the M2M Form Factor 2 (MFF2; specified by ETSI TS 102 671), development samples which have not yet been assembled with the UICC semiconductor chip can be used together with a suitable adaptor (Flex Adaptor MFF2).



The flex adaptor is soldered into the modem instead of the UICC chip and its other end is connected to the test tool used for testing the modem. Both terminal and modem manufacturers have started supplying suitably prepared development samples for testing purposes. Test Tips for M2M Modems The same adaptor can be used if the modem/terminal is to be tested with different test (U)SIMs. Use another adaptor type (MFF2 Plug Adaptor) for UICCs in MFF2 format and combine it with the Flex Adaptor MFF2, and your test setup for “embedded UICCs“ becomes a plug-in solution with interchangeable test (U)SIMs.



Choose the correct plug adaptor format and you can even connect test (U)SIMs with form factor 2, 3 or 4 (2FF, 3FF, 4FF) to the modem. The right combination of COMPRION adaptors thus creates a large variety of cost-efficient test solutions for M2M modems.


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