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September 19, 2023

Testing of eSIM consumer devices gains importance for GCF conformance

COMPRION only provider of an up-to-date certified test bench for ensuring RSP functionality of eSIM devices according to GSMA SGP.23

Data from the Global Certification Forum (GCF), the leading certification body for mobile devices, show that the share of eSIM devices (smartphones, pads, wearables) and laptops with integrated eSIM that are tested according to GCF is steadily increasing. In contrast, the overall market, i.e., the number of devices tested with both conventional SIM and eSIM, is stagnating and even slightly declining.

As eSIM devices proliferate, testing of Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) functionality becomes increasingly important and is a key part of the GCF certification program, which is crucial for a globally interoperable eSIM ecosystem. Device Manufacturers and M(V)NOs have a strong interest that potential interoperability issues are detected and fixed before they cause problems for end users. It is therefore important that device manufacturers demonstrate that their smartphones, tablets, PCs, or smartwatches correctly support eSIM and RSP technology.

This is done by testing in a qualified test lab according to the just updated test specification GSMA SGP.23 v.1.14, which was published at the beginning of July. COMPRION is the only company to offer a corresponding certified test bench, the COMPRION GSMA SGP.23 RSP Device Test Bench.

Learn more about how we can streamline your eSIM testing process on the Connectivity Test Center website or reach out to us at sales(at)

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