September 17, 2020

What Has COMPRION To Do With 5G?

Check out in what way COMPRION is involved in expanding the limits of 5G and how we are making sure that each and every mobile cellular device is staying connected to the 5G Network. Be it a Smartphone or a Vehicle.

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GCF WI-509-NR Activated by Validation of COMPRION 5G NR USAT Tests on TP227

COMPRION activates WI-509-NR USAT at the GCF CAG #67 meeting. Test Platform Approval Criteria (TPAC) for WI-509-NR was reached thanks to the...

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Validation of COMPRION TP226 5G NR USAT Tests Activates GCF WI-509-NR

At the GCF Combined Agreement Group #67 meeting, held July 20-23, 2021, WI-509-NR USAT was activated. This was achieved thanks to the validation of...

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