December 05, 2018

How to Compose eUICC Profiles Like a Pro


The Challenge

Once again, you are pondering on the optimum profile for your next test scenario. Starting with an old profile and laboriously modifying its file system to the new requirements is your proven but tiresome method of choice. And you may be asking yourself: Is this really the only way of composing your new profile? We, at COMPRION, don’t think so.


The COMPRION Solution

Significantly improve and speed up the composition of your next profile by reusing the results of previous successful tests. COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager has the Profile Creator feature that allows you to build your own personal library of profile elements. Just export profile elements from tried and tested profiles and integrate them into your new profile.


Step 1

First, let’s have a look at the export function provided by the Profile Creator. We start with a profile that has shown excellent performance in recent scenarios and pick a profile element – PE-USIM in this example – for export to our personal library:

PE-USIM is exported to our library and is immediately available for composing a new profile.


Step 2

Now we open a new profile with a basic file structure. Using the import function, we can easily access the profile elements in our library and add them to our new profile:

The imported but not yet saved PE-USIM profile element is marked with a blue dot (see screenshot above).


Step 3

We continue adding elements from the library until the profile is complete:

When all profile elements have been added, the new profile is ready for action in the upcoming test scenarios.

The Conclusion

Life is easier with a treasure chest full of profile elements! Compile a comprehensive library based on your achievements and thus realize a convenient method of profile composition. No need to plow through the file system any longer.

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