How to Use the Service

This part of the service documentation guides you through everything you need to know to use the service in 5 easy steps.

If you are a new user, it makes sense to go through these steps one by one. If you are already using the service, the Step 4 - Use the service section may be the most relevant for you.

There are two service components:

  • The personalized eSIM test profiles that are at your disposal.
  • The download functionality to transfer these profiles to devices.

The commercial model for both elements is pay-as-you-use. Each personalized profile is charged per usage time with a monthly fee according to its template type. The downloads to a device are charged by transaction.

The way to conduct this is by "Service Credits". You purchase a number of Service Credits in advance, which are consumed when utilizing personalized profiles and download transactions. When you purchase Service Credits for the first time, COMPRION will also provide you with access to a self-service portal to manage all your personalized profiles yourself.

After that, you can purchase Service Credits as needed. Please note:

  • When all your Service Credits are completely used up, the ability to use the service stops. So please make sure that you always have enough Service Credits on your balance to cover your needs.

In addition to this, you may need to use the eSIM Test Profile Service with test profiles based on your own customized templates. There are two options for this:

  • You develop the test profile template yourself. You can then send it to COMPRION for provisioning by the eSIM Test Profile Service in your account. This is a standard service that can be purchased in COMPRION's Web Shop. Please find more details here.
  • You task COMPRION to develop a test profile template based on your individual requirements. This is a project business and will come with a price based on the complexity of your requirements. Please contact us via our Sales team to discuss more details.

All this can be done via COMPRION's Web shop.

Please see here for all commercial aspects including pricing.

After having purchased Service Credits for the first time in COMPRION's Web shop, you will get access to the self-service portal of the service.

To communicate with you, we will use the email address that you have registered in the Web shop. You can change this here if a different point of contact in your company is better suited for all interaction regarding the use of this service.

You will receive three emails that contain the following:

  1. A certificate (.pfx file) that all people using the self-service portal in your company must install on the PC they are using. It will be used by the Web browser, and it ensures maximum security. Please check the FAQ to get more information on this, including how to install it.
  2. The log-in name.
  3. The password.

For security reasons, we send this information in separate emails. The URL for logging in is:

What you can also derive from this URL is that Truphone is COMPRION's trusted partner to deliver the service.

The Service Credits to cover the use of eSIM test profiles and respective download transactions to test devices always need to be purchased in advance. We recommend that you set up something like a "rolling forecast" to ensure that you always have enough Service Credits to cover your needs:

  • If you start using additional eSIM test profiles, the respective Service Credits will be deduced from your balance as soon as you start using them (first download transaction). As the minimum usage duration for an eSIM Test Profile is 6 months, the Service Credit amount for these initial 6 months will be deduced from your balance as soon as you use a profile for the first time.
  • If you just continue to use an eSIM test profile after its 6 months minimum period, the monthly fee will be deduced from your balance at the begin of each month for the period of the month.
  • Fees for eSIM test profile download transactions will be deduced from your balance as they occur, but no later than the end of a month.

Please understand: When your service usage exceeds your Service Credit balance, your service will be suspended.

You can always top up your Service Credit balance in COMPRION's Web Shop.

The service is used to a large extend via the self-service portal. The individual steps, for which you can find information here, are:

  1. Log in to the self-service portal
  2. Determine profile type and setup
  3. Order a test profile
  4. Manage your test profiles
  5. Download and debug

Please check out the links for the individual sections.

You will get a monthly email from COMPRION with:

  • Overview of usage of the past months:
    • Which profiles were used and how many Service Credits were charged for this.
    • How many profile download transactions were conducted and how many Service Credits were charged for this.
  • Monthly Service Credit status

In the future, this information will become available online in a portal.

Based on this information, you should estimate your Service Credit need for the next month to make sure that your balance is sufficient. If not, you risk that the use of the eSIM Test Profile Service is suspended.

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