Order a test profile

The first thing you will want to do is to bring certain personalized profiles from its original Available state into a state in which they can be downloaded to a device, i.e. the Released state. This is what Order means. Please note: this term has no commercial meaning, it just refers to a technical state change. The monthly charge for a personalized profile starts only with the first download to a device.

The ability to have profiles in the different states Available (i.e. not yet ordered) and Released (after ordering - ready for download) can be used by you to separate between from the profiles you are really using (and for you will be charged starting with the first download) and those which you keep in the stock in case you need more later on.

There are three options to Order a profile, but all leading to the same result, i.e. that a personalized profile which was Available before is moved into the Released status from where it can be downloaded.

In case you need profiles according to a profile type not listed here, please check out the Profiles page to see which other profiles are available. In order to get access to such an additional profile type, please just request it on the Support page.

If you just require more test profiles according to a type / template which you are already using, just request this via the Support page.

Navigate to the “Order Profile” functionality on the left hand main menu:


You will see the different types of test profile templates from which you can choose. In the screenshot above, there is only one type available with the name “TS58_V3.0_SAIP_2_3_NoBERTLV”. What you can also see that there are two profiles of this type left in the stock (what to do if the number is not sufficient any more, please see here).

To order one of this, please click on “Select”. You will then see a screen from which you can select a device type:




This is irrelevant for you as we use QR code / activation code to facilitate the download of a test profile to a device. There are other options, like the so-called “SM-DS” (Discovery Server) to let the device know from which backend server to download a Profile. And these options differ by device type. For the eSIM Test Profile Service, please just specify “Other” and click on “Next”.

In the final step of ordering a test profile, you get the QR code:


 You can scan this QR code with your device to initiate the download of the test profile. But it is not a must to do this now. This newly ordered profile will be part of the overall list of test profiles which you can manage in this self service portal. For each such profile, you can look-up the profile details, e.g. QR code, also later on again.

Navigate to the "Profile" section in the main menu on the left hand side. You'll see all profiles available in your account, differing by profile template and by ICCID. To "order" one of the Available profile, make a tick in the box of a profile belonging to a template for which you need another profile to work with. Once you checked this tickbox, the Order button will appear. Pressing the Order button will move this Available profile into the Released state:

Select the Profile item in the main menu on the left hand side. You'll see the full list of Available personalized profiles in your account, differing by profile template and ICCID.

As you require another personalized profile for use, select one which is still Available (i.e. not yet in use) and which is based on the profile template which fits to your need. Click on this profile to go to the detailed view of this profile:

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you'll see the Order button. Press it to move this personalized profile into the Released state.