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Connect and talk easily with your iSIM

  • Allows you to connect your iSIM seamlessly to COMPRION RSP test tools
  • Supports different connection options (for example, AT+CSIM via serial communication interface)
  • Just as easy to integrate as a traditional PC/SC card reader
  • Use Cases
  • Setup

How to test the iSIM entirely

In order to save battery consumption and reduce costs in today’s boards and modules, the traditional eUICC is increasingly replaced by an iSIM. As the iSIM is integrated on a chip (SoC) and no discrete component anymore, it lacks an interface to test the full UICC functionalities.

iSIMconnect is a nifty software that functions as a virtual PC/SC card reader, that wraps the APDUs into the selected protocol. It enables M(V)NOs, board and module manufacturers to connect and communicate with the iSIM.
Using iSIMconnect together with Connectivity Test Center, test engineers can benefit from COMPRION’s comprehensive test solutions, for example, a wide range of RSP test benches.
Combined with eUICC Profile Manager, users get full access to the whole range of profile operations for executing comprehensive tests.

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Explore iSIMconnect

With iSIMconnect, a combined connector and translator you are able to connect & talk to your iSIM, and test it extensively.

How to connect the iSIM with COMPRION test tools, here test benches


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