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Connect and talk easily with your iSIM

  • Allows you to connect your iSIM seamlessly to COMPRION RSP test tools
  • Supports different connection options (for example, AT+CSIM via serial communication interface)
  • Just as easy to integrate as a traditional PC/SC card reader
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Simplified iSIM evolution

The iSIM is the next step in the evolution of SIM cards. As the SIM functionality is integrated into a SoS architecture, iSIM makes the man­datory separate processor for SIM and eSIM obsolete. Compared to an eSIM, the size is reduced significantly, which gives device manufacturers more freedom in the design process and lowers production costs.

iSIMconnect is a virtual PC/SC card reader solution that allows a test tool to connect to an IUT via various physical connections and protocols, operating with any test software that supports PC/SC. Today, iSIMconnect supports the AT+CSIM command set for generic SIM access and the GlobalPlatform Secure Element IP connection (wired interface). Due to the flexibility of the tool, it is possible to adapt to further physical connections and protocols.

    Who is it for?

    iSIMconnect is a nifty tool used by various professionals and organizations, including:

    • Chipset and Board Manufactures
    • IoT device Manufactures
    • Mobile device Manufactures
    • MNOs and MVNOs
    • Test Labs


    AT+CSIM Command Set

    iSIMconnect establishes a connection to a device hosting an iSIM (as well as a soldered eSIM or inserted SIM) using the AT+CSIM command set. The supported AT+CSIM command set provides generic SIM access as described in [3GPP 27.007]. iSIMconnect provides the func­tionality for enabling the communication between test software and iSIM and shows the APDUs in detailed views for analysis.

    GlobalPlatform SE IP Connector Protocol

    The iSIMconnect utilizes the GlobalPlatform SE IP Connector protocol to establish a connection between a device that hosts a Secure Element (SE). This protocol was defined by the GlobalPlatform Secure Element Compliance group to facilitate compliance testing for emerging SE form factors. This solution enables the transmission of commands and receipt of responses from a device that hosts an SE. For detailed information on the protocol's definition, you can refer to the following GitHub link.

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    With iSIMconnect, a combined connector and translator you are able to connect & talk to your iSIM, and test it extensively.

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