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CL Quantify

The Perfect Extension of CL Verify for Analysis & Development of NFC Interfaces

  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Precise DC measurement
  • Pre-amp output channel for monitoring
  • Use Cases

CL Quantify is a digital storage oscilloscope that allows data acquisition in 50 Ohm systems, but
also precise high impedance measurements with an input impedance of 1 MOhm or 10 MOhm (17 pF). Combined with the ability of measuring direct current CL Quantify plays a key role in NFC Forum and EMVCo (pre-)conformance testing.

Use Cases (together with CL Verify A):

  • Analyzing NFC fields
  • Optimzing the integration of NFC antennas
  • Development/debugging of
    • Contactless cards
    •  Contactless tags
    • Contactless terminals/readers
    • Contactless frontends (CLFs)
    •  NFC-enabled devices
  • Quality Assurance
  • prepared for pre-conformance testing
    (NFC Forum and EMVCo)

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