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Our goal is to support you in obtaining a better understanding of how to deal with new mobile technologies and, ultimately, to make your products more reliable. That's why our specialists share their valuable expertise in the form of webinars. Either sign up for our live sessions, or watch our past webinars as video on demand.

Preparing for CCC Digital Key® Certification with COMPRION’s NFC End-To-End Interoperability Test Tool

Explore the world of the CCC Digital Key® Certification Program! Dive into our webinar where we introduce the fundamentals, discuss the role of test solutions, and provide insights into future developments. Watch the recording and get the slides on the Car Connectivity Consortium website! Kindly be advised that access to the webinar is restricted to CCC members only.

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Don’t Get Left Behind!

Key Insights for the Transition from SIM to eSIM in Mobile Device Testing. Discover the range of options for test methodologies and learn how these transitions related to standardized test specifications and device certification frameworks.

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Your SIM supplier is slowing you down!

Get the on-demand recording of our digital event and watch Kim Juchem, Global Director of Software and Wholesale at Truphone, and Dr. Marcus Dormanns, Lead Innovation Manager at COMPRION, discuss why M(V)NOs are still slowed down and held back by outdated physical processes.

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Loading Test Profiles on eSIM Devices

Learn everything you need to know about loading test profiles onto eSIM devices, as well as what to expect and how to prepare. We have teamed up with the top experts from Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz to give you insight into the matter the best way possible!

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Get Into eSIM Profile Creation or Waste a Big Opportunity

For Communication Service Providers eSIM profile engineering is highly relevant. It shapes products, allows for flexible development & offers cost efficiencies. Join our 60-minute webinar and take control over eSIM profiles!

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New GSMA eSIM IoT Spec: A Game Changer Affecting Your Business?

The brand new SGP.31 eSIM IoT Architecture and Requirements specification has just been released and in this 60-minute webinar, we are going to answer the most anticipated questions of the industry!

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What the Brand New RSP Spec for Consumer Devices Means for Your Business?

The GSMA SGP.21 RSP Architecture Specification v3.0 has stirred up a lot of questions in the industry, like: What's included? Is there industry consensus on covered features? What are the consequences for M(V)NOs and the entire ecosystem?

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TraceCase App 101: NFC Sniffing Like a Pro

The TraceCase app controls the TraceCase hardware. This is COMPRION´s mini-NFC sniffer for taking captures in the field - or on your desk. All you need to know in one walkthrough!


  • ramp up faster
  • trace more efficiently 
  • analyze instantly
  • latest features

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How to Read and Understand NFC Captures

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn how to quickly read and understand NFC captures. The hands-on session shows how to master even long traces.

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Why eSIM Related Testing Matters & All The More With 5G!

Dr. Marcus Dormanns discusses the different testing use cases for eSIMs in a 5G world to ensure reliable technology, preventing from negative business impact. Additionally, he provides insights into how to conduct such tests.

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How to Test Near-Market-Ready eSIM Devices!

We dive into the challenges of testing eSIM devices compared to testing physical SIM devices. We demonstrate, how our eSIM Test Profile Service helps overcome these hurdles. It is aimed at professionals involved in the development of connected devices with a focus on personal consumer and consumer IoT devices.

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