Webinar TraceCase App 101: NFC Sniffing Like a Pro

Complete Walkthrough!

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TraceCase App 101: NFC Sniffing Like a Pro

The TraceCase app controls the TraceCase hardware. This is COMPRION´s mini-NFC sniffer for taking captures in the field - or on your desk.


  • ramp up faster by help of this walkthrough
  • trace more efficiently 
  • analyze instantly
  • latest features

Watch the replay!


iOS or Android?

Specific Walkthrough on iOS or Android

The TraceCase app works on both, Android and iOS. Although they look quite the same there are small differences. If you just need the one or the other app variant, take a look at the specific walkthrough videos! The webinar presented a mix of both, here you can specialize!

Android Walkthrough

ioS Walkthrough

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