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EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solution

EMVCo-qualified test solution for certification of payment terminals covering both, electrical and protocol EMVCo L1 contact test requirements.

Get your POS terminal or its IFM, the Interface Module, approved to:

  • EMV Book 1 Version 4.3
  • IFM Mechanical and Electrical Test Cases Version 4.3d
  • IFM Protocol Test Case Requirements Version 4.3c
  • Overview

Our qualified EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solution is widely adopted by test labs and terminal manufacturers worldwide to ensure seamless interoperability between acceptance devices like POS payment terminals and EMV chip-enabled payment cards.

Accelerate your conformance testing

Improve efficiency with our EMVCo Contact L1 Test Solution, featuring both EMVCo electrical and protocol tests. Benefit from a simple setup, ensuring a quick ramp-up and fast, automated test case execution.

Comprehensive, simultaneously powerful

All tests are executed on our Device Test Center test plan management software. It offers a comprehensive set of additional features, including powerful reporting features, detailed signal analysis, real-time monitoring, and an intuitive graphical user interface.

Industry proven hardware

Utilizing our UT³ Platform, a validated hardware solution employed for various purposes such as NFC Forum, as well as EMVCo L1 Contactless conformance testing.

Key Benefits

  • Sole qualified solution in the market for electrical test cases.
  • Live Logs: Real-time results during test execution accelerate analysis.
  • Automated test case execution and reporting.
  • Electrical and protocol tests in one approval session.
  • Easily configured with versatile hardware used for numerous related tests.

Use Cases

  • Verifying payment terminals against EMVCo standards and specifications.
  • Verifying behavior of acceptance devices within the limits on the physical layer.
  • Verifying the acceptance of cards at all communication speeds
  • Verifying bank terminals with individual and self-defined tests.

The payment terminal under test is connected to the UT³ Platform using the ID-1 card sized Analog Flex Probe. In addition, manual tests with special paddles inserted directly into the terminal under test are used to prove compliance to short circuit resilience. The test plan software Device Test Center automatically performs the tests required for type approval, grouped in two test benches.



Test Benches

  • EMVCo Terminal L1 Electrical Test Bench
  • EMVCo Terminal L1 Protocol Test Bench

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