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CL Verify A

Contactless testing tool for validation of contactless interface design

  • Simulates contactless cards, readers and tags
  • Traces contactless communication
  • Supports
    — NFC Forum,
    — EMVCo,
    — ISO/IEC 14443,
    — ISO/IEC 18092,
    — ISO/IEC 15693
  • Measures the magnetic vector field
  • Examines NFC reader sensitivity


  • Use Cases
  • Test Benches
  • Accessories

CL Verify A is the core device of COMPRION's modular solution designed especially for the development of the contactless interface of NFC-enabled (mobile) devices as well as for contactless smart cards and tags. Door handles of cars, contactless readers, contactless cards, wearables and many other form factors equipped with NFC technology can be examined, before entering the market.

It is operated by COMPRION’s user-friendly Design Validation Center software
provides access to following functionalities

  • Development/debugging of
    • Contactless cards
    • Contactless tags
    • Contactless terminals/readers
    • Contactless frontends (CLFs)
    • NFC-enabled devices
  • Analyzing NFC fields
  • Optimizing the integration of NFC antennas
  • Interoperability testing of contactless interfaces
  • Quality Assurance

CL Verify A operated by COMPRION’s Device Test Center can be used to execute (pre-) conformance test cases according NFC Forum, GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book and EMVCo.

Finally, if operated by Interoperability Test Center, it can be used as a comprehensive trace tool for the contactless interface (ISO/IEC 14443, EMVCo, NFC Forum).


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