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CL Verify A

Contactless testing tool for validation of contactless interface design

  • Simulates contactless cards, readers and tags
  • Traces contactless communication
  • Supports
    — NFC Forum,
    — EMVCo,
    — ISO/IEC 14443,
    — ISO/IEC 18092,
    — ISO/IEC 15693,
    — Car Connectivity Consortium
  • Measures the magnetic vector field
  • Examines NFC reader sensitivity


  • Overview
  • Test Benches
  • Accessories

Validation of Contactless Interfaces

CL Verify A is the core device of COMPRION's modular solution designed especially for the development of the contactless interface of NFC-enabled (mobile) devices as well as for contactless smart cards and tags. It offers a robust set of features, encompassing contactless communication simulation, monitoring (sniffing), and capturing functionalities. CL Verify A provides extensive support for industry standards including NFC Forum, EMVCo, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 18092, and ISO/IEC 15693. Equipped with a digital storage oscilloscope and vector field measurement capabilities, it empowers users with precise signal analysis and evaluation of magnetic fields. 

CL Verify A provides comprehensive testing and evaluation of various NFC-equipped products, such as car door handles, contactless readers, contactless cards, wearables, and more, to ensure their market readiness.

Use Cases Include:

  • Execution of conformance test cases, aligning with NFC Forum, GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book, and EMVCo standards.
  • Development and debugging of NFC-enabled devices including contactless cards, tags, terminals/readers, frontends (CLFs), and IoT modules with NFC interface.
  • Analysis of NFC fields, optimization of NFC antenna integration.
  • Interoperability testing of contactless interfaces.
  • Quality assurance measures.
COMPRION Test Solutions Using CL Verify A

NFC Forum Test Solutions

Automated test solutions for NFC Forum-approved compliance testing.

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EMVCo L1 Test Solutions

Test solutions for EMVCo qualified contactless L1 certification testing.

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CEN TS 16794-2 Test Solutions

Automated solutions for testing according ISO and CEN standards.

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CCC Digital Key Test Solution

Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key™ End-to-End Interoperability

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Output Channel

  • T (Terminal): Reader simulation up to 30 dBm
    • ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 15693
    • NFC Forum, EMVCO  
  • C (Card): Card simulation
    • ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 15693
  • P (Preamplifier): for external RF power amplifier
    • Up to 22A/m with CL Amplify (400w) depending on antennas, step width of field strength  <0.5 A/m
    • Aux: Trigger out (1 V level at 50 Ohm)

Input Channel

  • M / R: Measuring input for NFC signals
    • High dynamic range
    • Automatic Gain Control
    • Carrier frequency synchronization
    • Resolution per sample: 12 bit
    • Record length up to 32 M sample points
    • Monitoring of bit rates from 106 kbit/s
    • up to 848 kbit/s
    • Time measurement resolution: 1 / 54 MHz


  • W x D x H: 241 mm x 274 mm x 44 mm
  • GSMA TS.27 NFC Tags
  • GSMA TS.27 Card Emulation
  • NFC Forum Analog
  • NFC Forum Digital Protocol
  • NFC Forum Tag
  • NFC Forum Tag Performance
  • NFC Forum LLCP
  • NFC Forum SNEP
  • EMVCo PCD Analog Test Bench
  • EMVCo COTS Test Bench
  • EMVCo PCD L1 Digital Test Bench
  • EMVCo PICC Analog Test Bench
  • EMVCo PICC L1 Digital Test Bench
  • CCC DK E2E Interoperability Test Bench

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