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NFC Test Designer

Testing NFC outside the box

  • Intelligent code completion
  • Complete set of NFC functionalities
  • Easy to handle with minimal training
  • Integrated in COMPRION's powerful test plan management & reporting software Device Test Center.
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With NFC Test Designer, lab testers and quality testers can write their own NFC test cases without having extensive programming skills. Write the test, run it and analyze the results.

As the majority of digital and analog NFC tests can be covered, this NFC test tool offers almost unlimited possibilities. Working with NFC Test Designer enables you to widen your test coverage, increase the granularity, and thereby significantly improve your quality assurance.

Key benefits

  • Ensures higher quality for your user scenarios due to improved test coverage and granularity, accompanied by powerful analysis tools.

  • Highly flexible to address specific NFC testing needs.

  • Speeds up interoperability testing.

  • Integrated into COMPRION's powerful test plan management and reporting software, Device Test Center.

  • Enables you to create customized digital and analog NFC test cases without requiring extensive programming skills (only XML and JavaScript are necessary).

  • Allows you to integrate analyzers for examining the device's response.

  • Capture & Replay: Records real communication between a terminal and a card, allowing you to simulate the terminal's actual behavior afterward.


Capture & Replay

Record real interactions between a terminal and a card to help solve interoperability problems, and replay those interactions for an accurate simulation of the terminal's behavior in the real world.

Waveform Editor

Tailor NFC waveforms to your exact specifications, enabling the simulation of defective NFC signals. Equipped with both manual and automatic calibration options.

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Capture & Replay

Resolve NFC issues in the field using COMPRION's intelligent sniffer tool, TraceCase, and the Capture & Replay functionality within NFC Test Designer.

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