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The pocket-size slick tracer for contactless transactions

  • Discreetly trace contactless transactions in the field without disrupting daily business
  • Simple setup and handling
  • Capture and analyze digital and even analog data
  • Use Cases

TraceCase is the small and handy testing solution for discreetly tracing contactless transactions under real-life conditions. The powerful TraceCase software allows analyzing and debugging in order to create a reliable NFC ecosystem.


Who Is It for?

Technical consultants & application engineers for field trials and pilot projects for example in the area of: 

  • Access control
  • Public transport
  • Mobile payment


Key Benefits

  • Perfect for tracing in the field
    • Simple setup & handling
    • Small and mobile for discreet use
    • Captures data without disrupting the daily business
    • Location, date & time are clearly assigned to data
  • Powerful for analyzing in-house or by a third party
    • Comprehensive and reliable software
    • Unique: visualizing and analyzing digital and analog signals
    • Ideally suited to identify technical issues


On request, TraceCase is also available as TraceCase fit, a customized testing solution hidden in a smartphone case.

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