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The stand-alone and free of charge viewing software for log files recorded with COMPRION test tools

  • No test hardware required
  • Display format as used by COMPRION Interoperability Test Center and Device Test Center 
  • Includes practical features known from other COMPRION products, for example
    • search functions
    • analyzers
    • timing measurements
  • Free of charge
  • General
  • Get COMPRION MoVie

COMPRION MoVie is a perfect tool for sharing monitoring data recorded with one of our test tools with colleagues or clients who do not have access to the COMPRION hardware.

  • The tool allows users to easily share monitoring results by sending the recorded log file directly.
  • It eliminates the need to generate and exchange screenshots or create cumbersome reports.
  • It offers COMPRION's exceptional monitoring performance at no extra cost.
  • Viewing of monitoring log files provided by our test solutions like NFC Forum, EMVCo, or CCC Digital Key Test Solution.


Share monitoring results of various COMPRION tools including


The slick tracer for contactless transactions.

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CL Verify A

Contactless testing tool for validation of contactless interface design.

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The pocket tracer for all smart card interfaces.

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Move 2

The communication tracer for all smart card interfaces.

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