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CCC Digital Key Test Solution

Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key™ End-to-End Interoperability Test Solution

  • Debugging of of NFC based car access solutions according to the Car Connectivity Consortium standard
  • Interoperability testing of car key access
  • Quality assurance during development
  • Certification testing
  • Regression testing
  • Overview
  • Accessories

Solution To Prove Interoperability of Your CCC Digital Key Implementation

The CCC Digital Key Test Solution is developed for engineers to prove interoperability and easen the debugging process of NFC-based car access solutions in compliance with the upcoming Car Connectivity standard. It features real-time communication monitoring for seamless capture and analysis of contactless communication. Moreover, our solution offers a functionality for CCC Digital Key™ protocol translation and real-time disturbance of NFC communication, enabling engineers to simulate diverse scenarios during comprehensive testing. With its efficient test case management capabilities, the solution facilitates test execution and automation, ultimately delivering dependable and precise results for keyless entry systems.

Our solution was designed specifically to cater to the upcoming Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key™, End-to-End Interoperability Test Suite. It serves as a vital tool for automotive companies and device manufacturers engaged in the digital key implementation process.

Who is it for?

Authorized Car Connectivity Consortium members working on the digital key according to CCC standard, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Smartphone, and smart device manufacturers
  • Certification laboratories
  • Quality assurance teams



This diagram illustrates the test setup orchestrated by an operator. The operator is auditing the End-to-End (E2E) interoperability tests according to the certification program.

Software components:

  • NFC log viewer
    Displays the NFC protocol with translation into human readable format
  • Test Framework
    Test plan management software running test cases

Hardware components:

  • NFC Sniffer
    NFC traffic monitoring over the air using a spy antenna
  • NFC Disturb Unit
    Jamming communication, causing a deliberate error


Test Bench

The test cases are organized into a test bench, which thoroughly examine the content of the NFC protocol. It then generates results based on whether the expected pattern matches at the correct time. The included test cases encompass the following areas:

  • Owner pairing test cases, including test cases for error handling.
  • Door transaction test cases, including test cases for error handling and friend device handling.
  • Console transaction test cases.
  • Key management test cases for owner and friend digital key termination (offline/online).



CCC Digital Key Test Solution includes the following components that together enable comprehensive testing and verification of NFC-based car access solutions:

  • CL Verify A
    COMPRION's contactless testing tool for validation of contactless interface design.
  • Device Test Center - CCC Edition
    Sophisticated test plan management software and NFC log viewer.
  • CCC Digital Key End-to-End Interoperability Test Bench
    WCC1 (NFC only) according to Car Connectivity Consortium specification.
  • A set of monitoring (spy), and disturb antennas.

Live Bluetooth Message Translation

Our Digital Key Viewer adds a layer of Bluetooth communication analysis to the test suite. Combined, it enables engineers with live NFC-based car access testing and Bluetooth communication evaluation, ensuring a robust and interoperable CCC Digital Key implementation.

Learn more about the Digital Key Viewer here.


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