EMVCo Test Solutions

Mobile payments have become very popular and have rapidly changed the way we pay. EMVCo facilitates global interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions through the management and evolution of its so-called EMV® specifications. The testing procedures for card and terminal evaluation, security and management of interoperability issues are directly linked to these specifications.

COMPRION's Know-How and Expertise for EMVCo Testing
COMPRION offers test solutions for EMV® Level 1 approval, granted for products supporting NFC-based payments (e.g. payment cards, wearables, and mobiles). EMV® Level 1 ensures that the terminal's chip reader complies with the analog and digital protocols of the EMV chip specifications, including proximity testing between card/device and reader to ensure communication. For more information on EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 testing, see the EMVCo page.

COMPRION manufactures its own hardware and offers the corresponding software. A complete test package from a single source guarantees a fast and smooth test process.

Test Benches

Comparing COMPRION EMVCo Test Systems

EMVCoL1 ContactL1 Contactless AnalogL1 Contactless Digital
EMVCo Level 1 Eletrical Test Solution with UT³ PlatformPICC Analog Test Solution from COMPRION for EMVCo Level 1 approvals
Test HardwareUT³ PlatformUT³ Platform or CL Verify A with RobotUT³ Platform or CL Verify A
Mobile Type Approval
Card Type Aproval
Terminal Type Approval
Test Benches
EMVCo Terminal Level 1 Protocol
EMVCo Terminal Level 1 Electrical
EMVCo COTS L1 Analog
EMVCo PCD L1 Analog
EMVCo PICC L1 Analog
EMVCo PCD L1 Digital
EMVCo PICC L1 Digital


Device Test Center

Device Test Center

The comprehensive test plan management software for testing mobile devices.

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UT³ Platform

The EMVCo qualified test tool for product approvals.

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NFC Robot for NFC Forum Analog Testing

EMVCo L1 Contactless Test Solutions

The automated test solution for analog certification.

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CL Verify A

The tool for pre-certifcation and debugging.

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