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File Tree Express

The SIM editor software for viewing and editing data fields stored on smart cards

  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies with SIM, R-UIM, USIM, CSIM, and ISIM applications
  • Scans smart cards and saves their contents on disk for offline usage
  • Enables you to compare file trees and create your own file trees and scripts
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With File Tree Express, you can scan smart cards and save their contents on disk for offline usage. Furthermore, customer-specific file trees can be created. A translation of hexadecimal file content into human readable format and interpreted data editors allows a user friendly definition of EF content. File Tree Express simplifies the process of scanning a Smart Card and editing its content. It seamlessly identifies any PC/SC-compliant smart card reader and detects the inserted smart card, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Who is it for?

File Tree Express proves valuable to a wide array of professionals and organizations, including:

  • Application Providers
  • eUICC Manufacturers
  • Mobile device Manufacturers
  • MNOs and MVNOs
  • Service Provider
  • Test Labs

Key Features:

  • Automatic Smart Card Detection: File Tree Express automatically identifies available card readers, supporting any PC/SC-compliant smart card reader. It efficiently detects the inserted smart card, streamlining the scanning process.

  • Customizable Scan Templates: Our application offers the flexibility to use application-specific templates. These templates define the selection criteria for Data Files (DFs) and Elementary Files (EFs) during the scan. You can even create custom scan templates to either narrow down or expand the list of selected files. This enables you to include proprietary files related to the card's operating system, giving you full control over the scanning process.

  • Intuitive File Tree View: The scan result of the file system associated with an application (Master File or Application Dedicated Files) on the card is presented to you in an Explorer-like file tree view. This user-friendly interface allows you to easily select the desired file (DF or EF). Depending on the file type, you can access comprehensive file information, security attributes, and file data, ensuring efficient editing and management of card content.

  • Advanced Editing Capabilities: With File Tree Express, you can create new files of different file types, resize existing Elementary Files (EFs), or update their content effortlessly.

  • Virtual File Trees: Work with customer-specific virtual file trees for Master Files (MF) or Application Dedicated Files (ADF) using the same functions for the creation of DFs and EFs as you do when working with physical smart cards.

  • File Tree Export/Import: Easily export/import file trees to/from different file formats, including XML, UXP, HTML, or PDF. This feature allows you to document your work effectively or exchange information with others.

File Tree Express v3.0
Prod. No.: 31000765

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File Tree Express v3.0 - Transferable License
Prod. No.: 31000952

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Note: While a standard license is tied to a specific host PC, a transferable license can be installed on multiple devices but can only be activated on one device at a time.

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