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File Tree Express

The SIM editor software for viewing and editing data fields stored on smart cards

  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies with SIM, R-UIM, USIM, CSIM, and ISIM applications
  • Scans smart cards and saves their contents on disk for offline usage
  • Enables you to compare file trees and create your own file trees and scripts
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File Tree Express SIM editor is used for:

  • Scanning of smart cards
  • Creation of customized file trees
  • Updating of EF contents
  • Copy / paste of single EFs or a range of EFs to and from different file trees
  • Comparison of different file trees
  • Creation of command sequences
  • Creation of personalization scripts
  • Viewing of APDUs during card scan or data update
  • Resizing of EFs
  • Export / import of file trees to/from different file formats (XML, UXP)

File Tree Express also offers:

  • Find / look-up functionality
  • Wizard for creating new files
  • Support of any PC/SC-compliant smart card reader
  • Comprehensive interface for viewing file access conditions
  • Translation of EF contents

File Tree Express v3.0
Prod. No.: 31000765

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