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UT³ Platform

The universal conformance test platform for contact-based and contactless terminal testing

  • One single platform for synchronized testing of all UICC and NFC interfaces
  • Stand-alone operation and synchronization with network simulators (COMPRION SIMfony)
  • GCF, PTCRB, EMVCo, and NFC Forum conformance platform
  • Wide range of conformance test cases for USIM/USAT, CSIM, CCAT, SWP, HCI, NFC, and EMV
  • Test and simulation of NFC-enabled devices and tags
  • Powerful analyzers for timing measurements and error identification 
  • Synchronized tracing of the contactless and the UICC interface
  • Integrated oscilloscope
  • Use Cases
  • Test Benches
  • Accessories

Conformance testing is key to global interoperability. More and more complex test setups have to be passed before the successful market launch of a product. UT³ Platform simplifies and accelerates conformance testing of terminals as an all-inclusive test solution for both contact and contactless technologies.

UT³ Platform, our “all-inclusive” conformance test platform, covers a wide area of use cases:

  • Conformance and regression testing of mobile phones
  • Interoperability testing of terminals and smart cards
  • Development/debugging of mobile phones and chipsets
    • Contactless terminals/readers
    • Banking terminals
    • NFC-enabled devices
    • Contactless front-ends (CLFs)
    • M2M devices

COMPRION's user-friendly Device Test Center provides access to all functionalities of UT³ Platform.

COMPRION offers the NFC Test Designer for UT³ Platform. Combined, you can implement user-defined scenarios and test the device limits in the contactless environment (NFC Forum, EMVCo, ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 14443)

  • 3GPP TS 51.010-1 SIM
  • 3GPP TS 51.010-4 SAT
  • 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM
  • 3GPP TS 31.124 USAT
  • EMVCo PICC L1 Analog
  • EMVCo PICC L1 Digital
  • EMVCo PCD L1 Analog
  • EMVCo PCD L1 Digital
  • EMVCo Terminal Level 1 Protocol
  • EMVCo Terminal Level 1 Electrical
  • ETSI TS 102 230-1
  • ETSI TS 102 922-1 IC-USB
  • ETSI TS 102 384 Smart Card Web Server
  • ETSI TS 102 694-1 SWP
  • ETSI TS 102 695-1 HCI
  • ETSI TS 102 695-3 HCI
  • GlobalPlatform SEAC Device
  • GlobalPlatform OMAPI
  • GSMA TS.27 Android Specific
  • GSMA TS.27 BIP
  • GSMA TS.27 Card Emulation
  • GSMA TS.27 General Device Support
  • GSMA TS.27 NFC Tags
  • GSMA TS.27 Remote Management
  • GSMA TS.27 SWP Stress
  • GSMA TS.27 UI Application Triggering
  • ISO 10373-6 PICC Analog (CEN TS 16794-2)
  • ISO 10373-6 PICC Digital (CEN TS 16794-2)
  • ISO 10373-6 PCD Analog (CEN TS 16794-2)
  • ISO 10373-6 PCD Digital(CEN TS 16794-2)
  • NFC Forum Digital Protocol
  • NFC Forum Tag Operation
  • NFC Forum Tag Performance
  • NFC Forum LLCP
  • NFC Forum SNEP
  • NFC Forum RF Analog
  • VZW LTE Test plan for USIM/USAT/ISIM
Art.-No. 20300002

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