We at COMPRION provide advanced tools and test solutions with a focus on the payment, telecommunication, and automotive markets, ranging from contactless technologies like NFC to contact-based technologies such as SIM. Our expertise also extends to mobile communications, including various tools for embedded SIM and remote SIM provisioning scenarios as well as USIM/USAT conformance testing to GCF/PTCRB standards. Our active involvement in key industry organizations allows us to deliver comprehensive products that reflect the latest advancements and requirements in each field.

Our offerings extend to other industries. Check the Technologies section to find the right product for your needs.

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COMPRION offers powerful tools and test solutions for connected cars, including conformance testing for LTE and 5G to ensure fast and secure V2X communication, IoT and (e)SIM integration, testing of secure elements, and tools for the CCC Digital Key using NFC or Bluetooth LE.

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Whether you need thorough preparation for EMVCo approval of your POS terminals, smartphones, wearables, and cards, or a quick but accurate verification of your implementation, COMPRION provides powerful test and monitoring solutions to help you achieve your testing goals faster.

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for engineering (e)SIM and device components, ensuring certification according to industry standards and managing SIM or eSIM profiles. By doing so, we support the major chipset & device manufacturers, test labs, M(V)NOs, EUMs and more

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